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Circulate is a simulation platform that combines the modeling of infectious spread based on particle dynamics, user behavior and fluid dynamics.

Our solution provides architects and facility stakeholders the ability to test and optimize building designs and protocols, thereby reducing infectious spread probability and user congestion.

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Understand the impact of infectious spread in your spaces

Infectious spread has been shown to vary in different user populations and environmental conditions. The spread that takes place in a hospital differs from a restaurant and your design and policy should reflect these differences.

Circulate utilizes peer-reviewed research of airborne particle trajectories for breathing and coughing across a range of human characteristics to provide realistic particle behavior. We enforce environmental boundary conditions to provide a tailored solution for the space being designed, whether you are designing a waiting room in a hospital or a classroom for a school.


Simulate how your users will influence contact tracing within the space.

One-size-fits-all policy and design can reduce the efficiency of a space or lead to massive consequences. Infectious spread has been shown to occur despite social distancing best-efforts due to factors such as occupancy rates, people interacting and disinfection protocol.

Circulate deploys AI based on user behavior research and data to accurately model contact tracing within a space. We generate pathing and behaviors based on project-specific data or user flow analyses. Therefore, you can understand the congestion and user flows of your space when under normal operation as well as peak occupancy.


Optimize architectural and mechanical design to reduce infectious spread.

HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) fluid analysis is most often performed to optimize the heating and ventilation within a space and not on the distribution of respiratory airborne droplets.

Circulate performs cloud-based, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis on the designed spaces to best predict particle trajectory under multiple conditions to simulate in real-time. We simulate the spread of airborne droplets based on multiple HVAC configurations to test whether factors like an additional diffusor or open windows will make your space safer.

Why you
should use Circulate?

How will Circulate set a firm or facility apart?

Mitigate risk

Circulate provides reports that will assess the performance in key areas when compared to other designs or baseline values


Circulate allows for testing multiple designs and protocols across a spectrum of behaviors to return feedback with a quick turnaround

Specific actions

Circulate will highlight areas or protocols that should be redesigned to improve the outcomes

Reduced Costs

Circulate will allow for planning the safest policy and design of action for the stakeholder, thereby reducing the impact infectious spread due to shutdowns, lost wages or inefficiencies

The Process

Here’s how working together will go


Connect with our team, view the platform demo and discuss how Circulate can aid your buildings


Provide Revit, IFC or other common building model files and data related to users


Define building elements and user behaviors essential to the regular use of the space


Circulate will run the multimodal simulation for your team to understand high-risk areas and user flows allowing them to iterate on building design and policy


Circulate is a feature-rich environment that allows for customization and analysis to handle a large domain of spaces and requirements


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